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Welcome to the CT Chargers

Program Overview: CT Chargers is a premier lacrosse program based in southern New England that supports positive youth development as the foundation to build more than just athletes. We deliver access to instructive opportunities through athletic, academic, and personal lacrosse development. It is the goal of CT Chargers to provide outstanding instruction as well as prepare each individual player for his own specific experience as a top level player. Our highly qualified coaching staff will utilize premier facilities and training methods to educate and prepare every player for elite level lacrosse Player development is arguably the most important and least emphasized component of premier lacrosse clubs. CT Chargers is dedicated to continuously replicating the tempo and dynamics of elite play while developing individuals to reach their full playing potential. 

Program Achievements: Over the past nine years, the CT Chargers program has established some of the strongest relationships in collegiate lacrosse, helping to expose and place players from Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts into the country’s top institutions, including Yale, Harvard, UPenn, Cornell, Brown, Princeton, Dartmouth, Duke, Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Loyola, Naval Academy, Michigan, Ohio State,  Denver, Bryant, Providence, Holy Cross, UMass, Villanova, Bucknell, Colgate, Fairfield, Hobart, Georgetown, Lehigh, Lafayette, Boston University, Richmond, Middlebury, Williams, Wesleyan, Union,  Amherst, Colorado College, Denison, Ohio Wesleyan, Colby, Bates, Trinity, Hamilton, Bowdoin, Gettysburg, Dickinson, F&M, St. Lawrence, Salisbury, Stevens Tech, Roanoke, Washington College, Tufts, and other top division I, II, and III college lacrosse programs.

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Tryout Candidates Boys Summer (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 Teams)
To All Tryout Candidates: We first want to thank you all for being...
Passport Alliance
USL Membership
All CT Chargers must be members of US Lacrosse If you...
Tryout Candidates Boys Summer (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 Teams)

To All Tryout Candidates:

We first want to thank you all for being part of a record number of tryout participants in the boy’s program this fall.  We realize that the landscape of the club programming has changed dramatically since our inception and we are cognizant of your desire to participate in a top program and for a top level team.

We have been finalizing our rosters for the top teams in each grad year and have worked hard to build competitive, balanced teams in each level.  We are still in the process of receiving commitments and therefore want you all to know that many of the rosters are not complete and that we plan to have call backs and/or a second round of tryouts for the open spots.  If you have NOT been contacted by phone or email about making the 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 Summer team it means at this point we would like to see you again at a call back if you are still interested in playing for the Chargers.

Second Round of Tryouts

It is our intention to utilize the second round of tryouts to finish building the most competitive teams we can in the 2020-2023 grad years and also gauge the interest in building second teams in certain grad year groups.    We still have the original evaluations from our first selection process, but this is an opportunity to showcase again, while also inviting players who did not tryout with Chargers the first time.  We believe this will provide us with the most talented group of players still available and interested, making the entire team a higher level group. In addition we will also offering a 3 week Lightening “House” League & Clinics available to any player that is interested. Please see below.

When and Where

Two separate tryouts will be held for the 2022 and 2023 Teams on Saturday, November 29th and December 6th at Sono Field House from 3:30-5:00PM.  Tryouts for the 2020 and 2021 teams will be held on the same days, but from 5:00-6:30PM at Sono Field House. If you are a registered player who paid and tried out the first time, there is no additional charge for these second round tryouts, but we would expect you to attend at least one.  Those trying out for the first time must go online and register and pay the $75 tryout fee. 

by posted 11/17/2014
Passport Alliance

The Passport Alliance is an organization of like-minded highly competitive lacrosse clubs in both the United States 
and Canada seeking to create and participate in the most compelling opportunities for lacrosse players that want to 
compete at the collegiate level.

With similar goals in each club's mission for greatness, the members of the Passport Alliance will have an interest in  streamlining their players in the recruiting process. Through supporting & collaborating with other very strong clubs, the alliance is focused on enhancing each player’s opportunity to stand out in the ultra-competitive lacrosse community.

The nine founding clubs of the Passport Alliance are the CT Chargers, Dukes LC, Twist from PA, Evolve Elite from Toronto, 
Orange Crush of Syracuse, New Jersey Riot, Team Long Island, Team Turnpike and Legacy Lacrosse from Long 

The founder-owner of the Philadelphia based Dukes Lacrosse Club, Ebe Helm, whose club has grown to be the most 
sought after club team by college coaches and by event organizers, is recognized by leading clubs throughout the 
nation to be the gold standard in delivering a plethora of top players to college programs stated,

"My single most important reason for being part of this high quality alliance is that I am first and foremost 
about offering my Dukes players the best opportunities . With so many new events and new  clubs emerging every week, there is simply a tremendous amount of choices but these are slowly being diluted in  quality and I fully intend to remain focused on trying to attend and/or create events that offer the Dukes players the best opportunities to showcase their abilities while keeping in mind the economic burden some of these have placed on families."

For more information on the Passport Alliance, please visit Passport-Alliance.com or email info@passport-alliance.com.

by posted 11/07/2014
USL Membership

All CT Chargers must be members of US Lacrosse

If you do not know if you are currently a member, you can check on-line here.  You need to enter your name, gender and date of birth and then click off YES, I am a member or former member.  The site will tell you your USL number and if you need to renew your membership.

by posted 01/06/2013
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